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Home to natural ochres and vibrant houses.

About the Village

Roussillon is best known for its distinctive red cliffs, created by the world’s largest known ochre deposit. The colour palette is striking, ranging from yellow to orange to pink to red. The ochres are not just restricted to the cliffs, the buildings in the village are painted to match!

Roussillon is even more spectacular inside the village, it is a maze of picturesque little streets and squares, the village center is fairly small, so wandering the streets to discover the many lovely sites doesn't take very long. It comes to no surprise that this marvel of nature has inspired many artists and how many galleries and exhibitions have popped up in the village. There is a market on Thursday mornings.

The Sentier des Ocres

The Sentier des Ocres is a natural park of jagged cliffs of ochre beside the village of Roussillon. This is a tour you really should take. It's marked as 35 minutes, but you could well take longer, especially if you have kids with you, the very fine reddish-orange sand is great to play in. (Of course, if you do have kids, have a spare set of clothes ready for them at the end!). Your walking tour starts and ends at the same place, with a loop down into a shady forest in between, all on earth trails with a coating of fine sand.

Entrance is currently 2 euros per person.


Our top picks for food in Roussillon:


Restaurant David
Style: French, European

Le Piquebaure
Style: French, European, Contemporary


La Grappe de Raisin
Style: French, European

Le P'tit Gourmand
Style: French, European, Vegetarian Friendly

La Treille
Style: French, Mediterranean, European

Must See & Do!

Art galleries
There are many art galleries in Roussillon, discover some of them in the many winding streets!

Top of the village
Climb to the top of the village for some spectacular views of the ochres and the scenery around