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Ménerbes & Oppède

Archetypal Luberon Villages, combining beauty with tranquillity.

About the Villages


Ménerbes is a medieval, picturesque and beautiful stone village perched atop a long ridge on the north side of the Luberon mountains. Inside the village walls, the streets reveal a rich heritage with 16th and 17th century architecture, with most of the streets inside the village being very narrow, winding between the buildings.

It has a small market on Thursday mornings


Oppède is a magnificent, ancient village sitting with the ruins of the old fortified castle perched on top and surrounded by the rocky cliffs of the Luberon. A small quiet village with quaint cobble streets, two churches and the ancient ruins that provide excellent views of the Luberon valley.

It has a small morning market on Saturdays.

Walk the Ancient Ruins

In Oppède

The hike from the village to the church and onward to the ruins is about 10-15 minutes of steep uphill climbing. With cobblestones pathways through the trees, and passes via cave-rooms as you go through ruins of the ancient dwellings of Oppede, you are rewarded with a fantastic views at the level of both the church and the ruined Chateau.


Our top picks for food in Ménerbes - Oppède:


Café Veranda
(In Ménerbes)
Style: French, European


Bistro Le 5
(In Ménerbes)
Style: French, Mediterranean

Le Petit Café
(In Oppède)
Style: French, Provençal

Bistro Les Poulivets
(In Oppède)
Style: French, European

Must See & Do!

Below we've made a shortlist of our favourite things to do in Ménerbes & Oppède.


Maison de la Truffe et du Vins
Explore and taste the delights of Truffles and Wine... Here you will find a restaurant as well as a tasting room to indulge your senses of flavours and smells.

The Medieval 16th century Citadelle is a fine example of historical French architecture. A reminder of the miniature fortress design that gave a distinctive look to so many French villages.


Castle and Church of Notre-Dame-d’Alydon
The Romanesque architecture and spectacular views on offer here are not to be missed for fans of design and nature alike.