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Historically rich yet undisturbed. An oasis of Provençal life.

About the village

Goult is an idyllic small hilltop village full of Provencal culture and history, one of the least known and visited of the beautiful villages in the Luberon, perhaps because it isn't really visible from afar unlike its more photogenic cousins.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Goult, enjoy a glass of Rose at the ever-popular Café de la Poste on the square and watch the world go by. On Thursdays in the warmer months there is a village market.

Walk around Goult

There is a good walk around the restored agricultural terraces just outside the village. The history of how the farmers overcame the weather conditions by creating terraces that levelled the land in steps to prevent erosion. The walk reveals stone walls, cisterns, huts and arches.

The walk takes an hour and is signposted in yellow.


Our top picks for food in Goult:


Auberge de la Bartavelle
Style: French


Le Garage à Lumieres
Style: French, cocktails and tapas

Style: Italian, pizza and Mediterranean

La Terrasse
Style: French and Mediterranean

Le Carillon
Style: French