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28/02/2018 1.35pm, by Ana

The climate in Provence means that, year-round, people can plan vacations and tours of Provence. Many people see the area only for its summer heat and festivities, when in reality there is beauty in Provence at all seasons and if you avoid summer you avoid the throngs of tourists.

If you are wondering which season to visit Provence I don’t think that you can really go wrong, it just depends what your priorities are and what time of year you can have holidays!


The majority of tourists visit Provence during the months of July and August. The weather is sunny and warm, with average temperatures of around 35 degrees C. The main issue with this season in Provence is that it can get very crowded due to the sheer number of people visiting the region. Market days in and village or town can be so busy it is hard to find a parking space.

To enjoy Provence I would suggest to rise early, beat the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet while many are still asleep and the sun is not too strong. At this time of year everybody takes their time, many places are closed between 12-3pm, so go with the flow and take your time on your holiday.

The lavender fields Provence is well known for bloom during this time, but beware it wont just be you that wants the perfect picture!

Bear in mind that this is the time when hotels and luxury villa rentals are full, with reservations made many months in advance.

Spring and Autumn

Many people overlook spring and summer in favour of the much hotter summer months. The weather is cooler but blue skies and sunshine are abundant, the temperature average is around 28 degrees C. This cooler temperature is perfect when it comes to outdoor activities and exploration.

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Provence, the countryside is green and the trees and flowers are in blossom. This is the perfect time to go for a cycle, discover the vineyards and explore the quiet villages in the sunshine.

The coastline is still warm enough for both swimming and sunbathing and you don’t have to fit in like sardines on the beach.

Autumn is gorgeous with the fall colours sweeping through the area, you have the freedom from the crowds and don’t have to wait in line for monuments and attractions.

These months are perfect for those that want to go at a slower pace and take their time exploring the region. Another benefit is that that the rates of the luxury villa rentals is lower than the rate during peak season.


Most people don’t associate Provence with winter but what they don’t realise is that the skies are often a clear blue and the air cold and crisp. Around Christmas the towns and villages put on festive Christmas markets and illuminations that brighten up the streets.

Prices of hotels and restaurant menus fall out of season, sometimes dramatically, the only issue is that some places will close entirely during the off season so if you have looked online for a hotel or restaurant just call ahead to make sure they are open.

The weather in winter is not the most appealing to explore the villages of Provence as the strong wind, known as the mistral, can chill you to the core. The rental rates for luxury rentals are at their very lowest during the winter period, it is the perfect place to get warm and cosy at a lower cost than you would during summer.


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