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12/03/2018 08.52am, by Danni

I always like to believe that travelling should be a part of any true adventure.

Naturally, many people worry about the best way to get to Provence and their vacation rental home. Whether you are coming from far away across vast oceans, or simply travelling from another part of France or Europe, we have summed up the best way to get there to make travelling to Provence as simple as possible.

Most people associate luxury vacation rentals with stunning gardens, a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of privacy to boot, and that’s 100% right. But the reality of such luxuries is that they can be a little trickier to reach than a cheap apartment rental in a major city.

With that in mind, I decided to check out the easiest options and best stations for travelling to inland Provence with ease.

Option 1: TGV

Your first option would be to take a fast train to Provence.

The world-renowned TGV, the high-speed train serving France, is perfect to get from A to B quickly. Because of its attraction, and huge flocks of visitors, Provence has four main stations which you can choose from.

These are:

Valence in the north of Provence, which is perfect for those who prefer to stay in north Vaucluse.

Avignon station which is the perfect stop for several areas in Provence as it serves all of the main destinations which are situated within the Alpilles, Luberon and Camargue areas.

Aix-en-Provence is the perfect stop to get to the Luberon area and obviously if you are staying in or around the city itself.

Finally, the main port of Marseille which is perfect for those visiting the coast but be aware that this station is in the city centre, so you will have a little bit further to travel to get out of the city itself.

The TGV stations, with the exception of Marseille, are all slightly out of the town centre but have many car rental companies and taxis available to you for hire in order to get to your holiday rental. It is a smooth and easy way to travel to Provence.

Choosing to travel by train is the perfect way of getting to Provence if you have started your trip in another part of France, Paris or London. You are merely a six-hour trip from London to Avignon station or a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Paris to Avignon. It is quick, easy and hassle free without the inconvenience of travelling to and through the airport.

Option 2: Airplane

The other obvious choice is to fly to Provence.

When you look at flying to Provence the first one that you will see is Marseille airport which is the main international airport serving the world all year round. I say all year round because airlines in the smaller international airports see Provence as a seasonal destination and will only fly to the area during the peak summer months. All the airports have some sort of rental car service available for you during your stay.

Marseille Provence:

Note: This airport is known by a variety of names: Marseille, Marignane Airport, Marseille Provence Airport and MP1 (or MP2 if you’re flying budget!)

For long-haul international flights from the US, Canada, or connecting flights via Paris, this is the major airport in the area.

The airport is split into Marseille Provence main terminal with all of the major airlines and then the secondary MP2 mainly for the budget airlines, the terminal is less swanky but hey you're trying to get the best deal!

The airport is a little bit away from Marseille itself, so this is the perfect airport to get to most of the Provence area. This airport is the largest in Provence, so it will be the one to go for if you fly from America, Australia or further afield.

Other Options From the UK:


From May to September, during the peak season months, Flybe and City Jet provide direct flights from Southampton, Birmingham and London City. This airport is perfect for those who want to quickly get from landing to your vacation rental home, whether it is in the Luberon or the Alpilles. It is quicker to get to your destination, but it is not a big international airport so does not fly from many destinations and flights can get booked up quickly.


Again, this is a seasonal airport where Ryanair flies from Luton to Nîmes, it can be great for those who have rental homes near Avignon or in the Alpilles. The prices unfortunately can be quite high and again it does not serve many destinations.

As you can see there are several options for smaller airports that mainly serve the UK destinations. If you are flying from further afield, inevitably the main airport of Marseille followed by a car hire is probably your best bet. But choosing where and how you get into Provence depends also on where your vacation rental is, and whether you have time to stop off in Paris (or another beautiful city!) on the way to your luxury vacation rental in Provence!


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