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A view inside the living space of a luxury Provence vacation rental home, available for rental as your luxury holiday home in Provence.
A street view of St-remy-de-Provence, where Provence Rentals offer luxury vacation rental homes.
A view over Les-Baux-de-Provence, where Provence Rentals offer luxury vacation rental homes.
A view inside the living space of a luxury Provence vacation rental home, available for rental as your luxury holiday home in Provence.
A view of the castle at Les-Baux-de-Provence, where Provence Rentals offer luxury vacation rental homes.
A view of the castle at Les-Baux-de-Provence, where Provence Rentals offer luxury vacation rental homes.

Discover the best luxury vacation rentals, villas and classic cars in Provence.

Welcome to Provence Rentals.

Here you can find a refined collection of the best luxury rental villas that Provence has to offer. Our team of experts live in and around Provence, allowing us to offer a personal touch to your vacation rental getaway. With everyone on our team fluent in at least two languages, our local knowledge and presence allows us to ensure that your holiday in Provence will be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Our portfolio of luxury villas focuses on quality over quantity, intentionally limiting ourselves to those rentals homes which can offer something extra special for our guests. The collection includes homes in some of the most beautiful surroundings and well-known villages Provence has to offer, including St-Rémy-de-Provence and Eygalières. These properties are individually selected and constantly reviewed, to ensure that the collection of luxury rental villas you see here is a true reflection of the best rental properties in Provence.

Each property offers individual charm, different possibilities, and varying amenities to cater to a wide-range of guests. Some of our properties are ideal family villas, others make for the perfect wedding venue, but each and every one of our distinct luxury rental homes is unique.

Creating the perfect vacation for you and your family is what we do best. Provence Rentals offers a full and personalised service. Whether you need bike rental for exploring the Alpilles or a home chef for a gourmet meal in the comfort of your rental villa; a personal trainer to counteract the local wine, or a masseuse to help unwind in the clean air of Provence, we can arrange everything.

We're here for you, so send us a message, or give us a call today and let us make your dream vacation rental holiday happen.

Explore by Amenities

We understand that your dream rental villa is unique to you. Based on your needs, your desires, and your style. Using our amenities filters, you can find a luxury vacation rental that offers all of the amenities and facilities that you need. Be it air-conditioning for the Provence summer climate, a heated pool for a morning swim, or a cinema room to entertain the whole family; our amenities filter allows you to compare exactly which rental villas can fulfil all your desires.

Explore our Villages

If you're new to Provence, or simply wanting more insight on where to choose for your vacation rental holiday, you can explore our villages and find the right location for your perfect holiday. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of a vibrant French market town, or the enchanting peace of the Provence countryside that you are after, we've highlighted what to expect from wherever you choose to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our guide for travelling to Provence. Whilst we aim to make your vacation rental experience as smooth as possible, these FAQs should cover the answers to most questions concerning all aspects of your travel to and in Provence.

Our Services

At Provence Rentals, we offer a selection of different services, designed to ensure that you enjoy the perfect luxury vacation from start to finish. Beyond a simple vacation rental, at Provence Rentals we offer a persoanl touch to all our services. Whether taking advantage of our Classic Car Rental service, enquiring about one of our Luxury Vacation Rentals, or simply looking to take advantage of one of our Concierge Services, you can rest assured that when you contact our team we guarantee a personal touch to all our services, based here on the ground in Provence.

Luxury Vacation Homes

Many companies are quick to label the homes they offer as luxury vacation rentals, and often customers can be left feeling their property didn't live up to the luxury they were expecting. At Provence Rentals, each of our homes is hand selected, visited personally and often by our team, to ensure that we maintain a minimum standard, to guarantee customer satisfaction. Each of our luxury holiday homes comes with a basic standard of wifi and a pool. Beyond this standard, many of our properties offer Air Conditioning throughout, as well as spacious gardens, lounging areas, luxurious accomodation and stunning views of the local area.

Each of our luxury vacation homes offers something unique, and we pride ourselves on finding the right holiday home for you. Of course, every customer is unique, and we are here to help you make the right decision for your next luxury escape to Provence. If you can't decide which home is right for you, remember you can always Contact Us, and we can help you find the luxury vacation home that is right for you today.

Classic Car Rental

At Provence Rentals we have the privilege of running our own collection of Classic Cars to rent. We're as passionate about our cars as we are about our rentals homes, and when we're not in the office then you're likely to find us in our garage, or out on the road. Our Classic Cars are all regularly maintained, driven, and inspected to ensure performace and guarantee safety on the road above all.

We offer a small fleet of British Classic sports cars and the classically French 2CV. You can rent our classic cars for the day, for several days, or for the entire duration of our stay, as an alternative to the traditional hire car. Whilst not having a reputation for large amounts of luggage space, they are perfect for gaining a unique and different perspective of Provence. You can drive away on your perfect roadtrip of Provence in a Classic Car today, our full collection of cars can be found on our Classic Car Rental page.

Concierge Services

No Luxury Vacation Rental Home service is complete without a premium concierge service, and Provence Rentals is no exception. We offer a range of services, activities and tours that ensure we can help you arrange the perfect stay in one of our Luxury Holiday Homes.

Whether you need an extra hand with cleaning, or a chef to help you enjoy the best Provençal recipes, we're on hand with the right services to make your time in Provence the best it can be. Our services expand beyond simple household assistance, of course; for the active traveller we have Personal Trainers, Tennis Coaches, Horse Riding Excursions, and plenty more to help you plan the best activities and organise your stay in Provence.

With one of the most vibrant wine industries in the whole of France, along with some of the best olive oil production in the world, Provence is a region rich in flavours, vibrant colours, and unforgettable landscapes. Visiting the vineyards and touring the beautiful countryside is a must for any visit to Provence. Whilst we offer guided and unguided tours in our Classic Cars, we also offer a selection of tours and guides of some of the most beautiful areas the region has to offer. Whether it's a boat tour of the Calanques, a tour and hunt in a Luberon truffle farm, or a guided wine tasting day, we can arrange the perfect tour to suit you.

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